Tavor Instruction – 2016

Welcome Tavor enthusiasts!  This page has all the detailed information for the Zahal Tavor1-on-1 training course.  In addition to getting top of the line training, coming to Colorado in August is a perfect way to wrap up your vacation season. Bring the whole family.  After you read through this page call or text me if you have any questions (Sensei Chuck Emary, 719-229-8579)



Sun Mountain Dojo is a Martial Arts school local to Colorado Springs.  They have been in business since 2007.  The school is owned and run by Sensei Chuck Emary.  The primary focus of the school is teaching practical, highly effective martial arts (no katas, tournaments or other such things).   All drills are contact based to provide the best possible feedback on efficacy.  In addition to empty hand martial arts they teach knife, short stick (hanbo), belt (kusari fundo).  At the higher levels firearms are also integrated into the training.




Zahal has been in business since 2001. They have had the privilege of serving thousands of customers reaching from Hawaii to Vladivostok. Their mission is to offer state of the art Israeli army equipment and hard to find IDF memorabilia together with competitive prices and exceptional service. Their customers consist of professional soldiers, contractors, arms enthusiasts and Israel/IDF supporters.  Most importantly for us is that they provide Tavor training based on the IDF doctrine.



Springs ArmorySprings Armory is the best small gun store in Colorado Springs.  They have a great selection of products and will find anything that you need if they do not have it in stock.  Their staff is friendly and knowledgable.   One of the outstanding things about their staff is the fact that they are not overly opinionated.   They will give you a recommendation without being condescending.  If you choose to not go with their advice they just roll with it.  Here is the ammo deal (prices may vary based on ammo shortages).  When you call ask about the “tavor shoot deal”.

  • 600 rounds, 55gr, .223, Federal, on stripper clips – $270
  • 600 rounds, 55gr, .223, Aquila, loose pack – $225




Redleg Tactical provides custom kydex holsters,  Cerakoting services and a variety of other kit related gear as well.  These guys do great work and if you have an idea and need someone with the right tools to build it for you, they can do it. Order your holster before the event, then pick it up when you get here.  Veteran owned and operated!




Black Forest Tactical Supply is a local retailer of all things tactical gear related.  Need a plate carrier, mag pouches, gloves or sling? These are the people to see.   The store is run by knowledgeable staff and they can help you figure out the right way to run your gear!





Smokey Snacks is a Veteran owned/operated catering service.  I have had several opportunities to eat their food and it is done right.  Additionally the menu has a good variety to it and if you are vegan they have you covered.



Tavor Instructor:

Lovie our Tavor Instructor

Lovie our Tavor Instructor


















  • Pikes Peak Gun Club


  • August 13th 0845-1700
  • August 14th 0845-1700


Daily Schedule

  • check-in: 0845-0915
  • safety briefing: 0900-0915
  • class: 0915-1200
  • lunch: 1200-1300
  • class: 1300-1645
  • AAR: 1645-1700

Things You Need To Know:

  • Safety

    • There will be staff members onsite that have been trained in first aid
    • No other medical assistance will be onsite
    • Bring sunscreen – high altitude UV burns are very unpleasant – bald guys will be very unhappy!
    • Drink lots of water – the environment is a high altitude desert
    • Cell service is limited at this location
  • Range Rules

    • You will be entering private property – please observe all posted warnings (they are not a joke)
    • On arrival the range will be COLD.  No loaded firearms (Staff Excepted)
    • No videography allowed – you may take still pictures though for non-commercial purposes
  • Facilities

    • Full bathrooms
    • No running water available on the range. There is at the main facility in case of emergency
  • Food Situation

    • The range is 25 minutes East of Colorado Springs and there are no restaurants close by
    • We will have a food truck onsite to provide breakfast and lunch.  Here is the menu.
    • Or you can brown bag it 🙂
    • We will have water (free) onsite and various drinks available for purchase
  • Closest Airport

    • COS – Colorado Springs
    • DEN – Denver (roughly an hour drive south to Colorado Springs)
  • Convenient Hotels

    • These are hotels near the intersection of Powers and Highway 24, which puts you closer to the range and the airport.  No recommendation on any of them as I live here and have never stayed in any of them.  Working on trying to get discount rates.
  • Closest Micro-Brewery

  • Gear List

    • Full brim hat – boonie hats are great, and they look cool
    • Sun screen
    • Water Bottle
    • Tavor
    • At least 600 rounds of 5.56
    • At least three mags
    • Vest or battle belt for carrying magazines
    • Hydration device attached to vest or battle belt
    • Boots or sturdy shoes
    • Long sleeve shirt – prone position shooting on hard ground
    • Long pants – kneeling and prone shooting
    • The ground is hard so if you have knee issues you might want knee pads for kneeling and prone postures
    • Rain gear
    • Gloves
    • Notebook
  • What Else Is There to Do

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • What about weather issues?
      • We train rain or shine.  Class will be delayed for lightning conditions.

  • Maps

Pikes Peak Gun Club:


United States Air Force Academy


Palmer Park


Garden of the Gods


Olympic Training Center