Standardized Combat Curriculum

What is the Standardized Combat Curriculum?

Standardized Combat Curriculum is a martial arts system created by Sensei Chuck Emary.  Development of the system all started with one simple phrase, “most fights go to the ground.”

Do Most Fights Go to the Ground?

Sensei Chuck Emary is a Software Engineer and Data Analyst by day.   In the business world decisions are not driven by whims or anecdotal evidence, why should our Martial Arts training?  Business decisions are driven by solid data analysis.  He started analyzing and categorizing every fight he could find.  The result of this research changed his outlook on martial arts training completely.

His research clearly showed that the set of techniques required for self defense is actually very small.   This contrasts sharply with the Martial Arts industry where schools seek to keep their students locked into 4-10 year long programs teaching technique upon technique.  The vast majority of them being not really that useful in defending one’s self in common assault scenarios.

Emary Sensei then thought about research and he realized that he had what he needed to create a Mixed Martial Art (MMA) system that would address the types of combat (street fights) that most people might find themselves in.

Focus on Practical and High Probability Techniques…

The Standardized Combat Curriculum focuses on practical and high probability techniques.  It is comprised of 18 levels of training that are all drill based.  This is combined with sparring and in-class fitness training build high levels of competence and skill in our students.  At the advanced levels our students have the opportunity to learn knife and firearms training.  It is integrated with their empty hand training, which gives the student a fully integrated set of skills.

Time is Finite and Money is in Short Supply…

The length of time for our students to become competent in self defense is shorter than the vast majority of other schools.  Our goal is to make sure you spend your time and money as wisely as possible.

Bruce Lee once said,

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

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