Privacy in Today’s Internet Age

You Have No Privacy

The flat reality is that you have to go out of your way to even think about having some kind of privacy with Social Media (SM) and Big Data initiatives by SM, insurance companies, employers, banks and just about anyone that is not a Mom and Pop kind of brick and mortar store.

The remainder of this article will talk about what can be done to protect your privacy and the privacy of your family.  This is an ongoing work so please bookmark this and check back to see updates.


When Free is Not Free

Do you have a free email account through Google,  Microsoft or some other company?  Do you honestly think that it’s free?  Is anything “free”?  It is common in the Martial Arts Industry to offer “free” uniforms to new students as an incentive to get them to join.   Well it turns out that those uniforms usually cost around $15 for the school because they get wholesale prices.  They will tell you it’s a $45 value (the retail markup).  The school had to pay the $15 to the wholesale company, so clearly it was not free.  To you it seems free because you were not charged for it.  You will pay for it though because it’s factored in to the cost of the ongoing monthly tuition you pay.


It is similar with all Social Media platforms and free email platforms.  It costs a huge sum of money for Facebook to run their servers and develop the software.  The same is true for GMail and others.  When you signed up for GMail or Facebook you paid nothing and there are no ongoing fees so how are you paying for it?


“You are paying with your freedom!”


To be continued…