Lessons Learned From Tactical Shooting

I shoot on a regular basis as part of my martial arts training.  When I go to the range I have a specific set of shooting drills that I do to work on my skills for drawing a handgun from its holster as well as shooting targets.  The target shooting involves tactical reloads and misfire/misfeed drills to have a set of working skills for real world scenarios.

This weekend I participated in my first tactical shooting exercise.  This was not a timed drill like you might find with IPSC or IDPA.  The course was run at Whistling Pines Gun Club (East side).  The goal of this scenario was to draw and shoot a close target(hostage)  that pivots into/out of view (1 shot), then move and shoot around three more barriers at three targets (2 shots into each target).

Ruger LCR

Ruger LCR


I did well on shoot and move for the most part.  I need to improve my use of cover.  At least two time the Range Safety Officer (RSO) indicated that I would have been shot due t poor use of cover.  A second issue for me was understanding the scenario.  I was under the impression that all targets on the course were hostile except the hostage.  This resulted in me head shooting a bad guy, without me actually being able to see his gun.  I got lucky in the scenario.

So my final takeaway in this scenario was that I need to be careful about identifying my targets, with the main point of being sure that they have a gun.

The take away for my students and readers is that we all make mistakes.  The goal of training is to reduce your mistakes so that you are able to effectively defend yourself, family or friends.  Train hard!