I saw the news flash that there had been another terrorist attack in France. I immediately started hitting news sites. I read through the text and looked at the pictures. Many thoughts ran through my head as I did so. Then I came upon this picture:


In a single moment I was heart broken. I saw a lonely little girl without her parents. Where were they? If that was my little girl the Police would have to drag me bloody and unconscious from her body. It then occurred to me that her parents were likely to have been injured and were perhaps fighting for their lives at that very moment. Did they even know she had passed? Did this precious little girl ever know the love of Christ? I am the father of three girls and would lay my life down for any of them, as would any parent. And I stared at the picture of a lonely little girl…


The rage began to build in the darkest part of me. Anger driving my thoughts. Anger gave way to Prayer as I realized I could do nothing else. The prudent course rather than letting anger drive action.

I began reading various comments on forums around the globe. Some were conciliatory towards the nation of France and the families that were affected. Many were not. The comments seemed to fall into two general buckets.

The first group were those trying to defend islam. These people immediately trotted out the broken line, “islam is a religion of peace, these attackers are extremists”, “moslems are peace loving people.” The second group were the gun rights people saying, “there are too many trucks on the road, trucks must be outlawed.” Really? How absolutely disgusting.  Can we unite for one moment as human beings and share in their grief? Those dead people are the wives, sons and daughters of real people, their lives changed horribly forever.

This highlights how our worldwide governments have successfully divided us. This division keeps us at one another’s throats, rather than allowing us to find common ground.  Being divided keeps us from finding acceptable solutions to our real world problems.  Our divisions grow and we lose sight of our humanity.

My poem of tribute to this precious little life and her family…

Mom where are you?
I am so cold and lonely.
Here I am baby,
Holding you in my arms now.
Rest now, forever in peace.


Sensei Chuck Emary