Frequently Asked Questions

What age range do you teach?

  • Ages 3 years to adult.


How do I join?

  • Call us at 719-229-8579 and schedule a trial class.


Do you force students into a contract?

  • We are a month to month school, you pay on the 1st or 15th
  • There is a 30 day cancellation policy though


What are my startup costs?

  • You must purchase your own shorts, we prefer woodland cammo BDU shorts, or black shorts with no logos.
  • Rattan sticks (2) – $20 or so
  • School t-shirt – $30 or so


What other costs are associated with school attendance (some of these costs may be spread out over time as budget allows)?

  • Monthly tuition
  • We recommend 12-16 oz boxing gloves as soon as possible, they run anywhere from $30-100
  • Mouth piece – $10-20
  • Groin protection – $20-40
  • At level 4 you will need shins guards, these run anywhere from $60-100
  • At level 4 you will need head gear which runs $40-100. You may purchase it at anytime if you want to participate in sparring
  • Elbow pads – $10-30
  • Racquet ball goggles – $20-$60
  • Hanbo – $30
  • Bag gloves – $20-60


Do I have to purchase gear through your school?

  • Sticks – yes
  • Other gear is at your discretion, but see the list below for our preferred items


Do you participate in tournaments and like events?

  • No. We teach practical self defense, most of which is not allowed in sport tournament settings.


What gear will I need?

  • Escrima sticks
  • Nunchaka
  • Hanbo
  • Headgear:
  • Adult Shin Guards: or
  • Kids Shin Guards:
  • Gloves: (Adults need to buy 16oz gloves when possible) Pick anything from this page:
  • Handwraps:
  • Mouth Guard: (or buy at local sporting goods store)
  • Groin protection: Buy locally at sporting goods store
  • Chest protection: Some girls/women may want this, however it’s optional


Do you charge testing fees?

  • At Brown belt and Black belt there are testing fees


How long will it take me to get my Black Belt?

  • There are 18 levels to get through the material. It would not be uncommon to spend 3-4 years to get your Black Belt


Am I required to spar?

  • Yes, but please be aware that our sparring is tightly controlled and based on a student’s readiness.


Does your school do katas (forms)?

  • no