For Him

  • Over thirty? Over forty? Overweight? Over the hill?

I don’t think so!  If you still have the fire, the desire to make your life better, then we can turn you into a capable, fit fighter.  You have reached a point of maturity on your life where you know you that beat-downs are not what you want, but you still want to train hard and know that you are capable of hanging tough in a bad spot.

I Don’t Think So

Our Standardized Combat Curriculum program will teach to punch, kick, throw, grapple and use several different weapons.  We will condition you along the way.  And once you are ready, we’ll put on gloves and body armor and refine your fighting skills under duress.  Our goal is to be able to fight 5, 3 minute rounds of moderate contact.   We can help you achieve this and almost any other goal you might have in life!

Here is a summary of our approach:

  • You will start by learning and honing techniques at speeds that allow us to analyze and refine away any problems with them.
  • We then progress to integrating the techniques so you can practice closing the distance, to take your opponent out.
  • We will set you up with a core strength fitness program and a running program to work your aerobic conditioning.
  • As your fitness levels increase we will increase the intensity of your sparring and bag work, thus giving you the confidence of a capable fit fighter.

We have serious fun.  When we get done training we will go out for beer or margaritas.  Come get in shape and make some great new buddies.  Don’t delay – call us today!!