Here at Sun Mountain Dojo, we believe that to be a well-rounded modern warrior you must have firearms training. We provide a variety of classes for our students, as well as for students from other disciplines. These classes range from entry-level basic safety to force on force using firearms. We offer two FREE courses for public and/or private school teachers.

Sensei Chuck Emary Uzi Practice

Sensei Chuck Emary — Uzi practice

Course Descriptions

  •  ML-99 is a 2-hour course on firearm safety. The primary goal of this class is education through hands-on skill development and rigorous safety procedures. Click here to read the course description and get rates…
  • ML-101 is a 2-hour course designed for teachers and others that might be forced to defend against an active shooter, without the benefit of having a firearm themselves. Click here to read the course description and get rates…
  • ML-102 is a 6-hour course designed for individuals that carry either open or concealed weapons. In some situations, you may find that a perpetrator is already so close to you before you recognize the threat that you cannot draw your weapon. Click here to read the course description and get rates…
  • ML-300 is essentially a Close Quarter Combat (CQB) class employing handguns and Modern Ninjutsu techniques. Click here to get the course description and rates…

Molon Labe

Some of you may be wondering what “molon labe” means. Here is a short quote taken from Wikipedia:

“The phrase molon labe (Ancient Greek μολὼν λαβέ molṑn labé; reconstructed Ancient Greek pronunciation [molɔːn labé]; Modern Greek pronunciation [moˈlon laˈve]) means “Come and take.” It is a classical expression of defiance reportedly spoken by King Leonidas I in response to the Persian army’s demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae.”[1]

This is a classic example of the true warrior spirit in my opinion. These soldiers did what they thought was necessary and fought to the life of the last man. The phrase “molon labe” has also come to symbolize the ongoing fight for our Second Amendment rights.

This logo is intended to embody the warrior spirit and show support for our Second Amendment rights as crafted by our founding Fathers.

Molon LabeIf you are a business or individual that would like to use this logo for your website,  you may do so as it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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