Clean Burn

Clean Burn!

Hey everyone!  You are probably wondering what the heck this post is about.   So here we go…

My students and friends know that I discourage New year Resolutions. This is because most people fail when doing this. Not because they are lazy or unmotivated, but because they  do not understand how to make realistic goals.  Everyone wants to get in shape, read more, hike more, take cooking classes, volunteer at the local homeless shelter etc.  The list I just mentioned is tiny and for each topic it has all kinds of activities associated with each one.  The reality is that each of us has only so much time to spend on all the activities that we want to pursue.

I know you want to do many of these these things and more, so do I.  This is where the “clean burn” idea comes in.

“Clean Burn!” is nothing more than a catchy name I decided to use to help my friends and students set some goals and make some progress on all the things you want to do.  The idea is that we will divide the year in to 6 week blocks.  Each six week block we will focus on something different.  The end goal being that you will make strides towards doing some of what you want.  It will also help you to figure out what you like as opposed to things that sound fun.  For example, backpacking.  It sounds fun until you load up a pack with 30 lbs and hike through the mountains in a rain storm.


Feb 15 – Mar 30

Goal: Read something different (pick one of these below, or pick your own…)


Secret Life of Bees


Jan 1 – Feb 15

Goal: Eat Clean

Replace 2 meals per week with a salad.  Not one of those bird like salads though.  I’m talking loaded, cheese, bacon, olives and other good stuff.  Take some pictures and then we’ll post them on Instagram.