Age of Pandora

Hi everyone!

For the first half of 2016 we are going to be doing the “Age of Pandora” game/fitness routine.  The goal is to reduce the monotony of our fitness training!  I’m going to keep a running journal of where I’m at, and comments from our students as well.  When you start this please pick a level and stay there.  Don’t “cherry pick” hard stuff for level I and easy stuff for level III.  Start at level I and once your fitness level improves move to level II etc.  Also – some of the punching should be replaced with the material we train at our school.  I have covered that with all our students.  And Finally – train 5 days per week – you need to make sure that you are getting the appropriate amount of rest.

01/31/2016 – Chapter 3 – super easy today – wore my weighted vest as well

01/30/2016 – Chapter 2 – not too bad from an exercise standpoint.  Side lunges are fun 😀

01/29/2016 – Chapter 1 – this workout really focused on the glutes.  I was surprised since I do heavy snatch squats several time per week.


Age of Pandora Map

Age of Pandora Map