About Our Head Instructor

Grandmaster Maier and Sensei Chuck Emary

Grandmaster Maier and Sensei Chuck Emary

Martial Arts Experience


Our Sensei, Chuck Emary, has been training Martial Arts since he was a young man. He has trained in Chuan Fa, Seven Star Praying Mantis, Traditional Wing Chun, Tomiki Aikido, Tai Chi, and Modern Ninjutsu. He has over 15 years of teaching experience.  He served as the COO for the International Modern Ninjutsu Federation and attained a senior level instructor status in Modern Ninjutsu with a rank of Second Degree Black Belt, under Grandmaster Will Maier.

Continuing Education

Training 2018-2019

  • Baguazhang with Master Martin Kelly

Training in 2016:

  • Civilian Medic I – Kenaz Tactical Group
  • Defensive Pistol I – Kenaz Tactical Group
  • Carbine I – Kenaz Tactical Group
  • ICE Intensive – Rob Pincus
  • Tavor 1-on-1 Training
Sensei Bonilla, Grandmaster Maier and Sensei Chuck Emary

Sensei Bonilla, Grandmaster Maier, and Sensei Chuck Emary

Instructor Certifications

  • 2007 – Senior instructor of Modern Ninjutsu, under Grandmaster Will Maier
  • 2005 – Sifu at Self Care Arts. System: Mountain Dragon Martial Arts
Sensei Chuck Emary with Grandmaster Raniard Jackson

Sensei Chuck Emary with Grandmaster Raniard Jackson

Teaching Experience

  • He is the head instructor and owner of Sun Mountain Dojo, open since July of 2007.
  • He taught at Self Care Arts, a great kungfu school in Colorado Springs, for several years.
  • Over the years, he has taught professionals on topics such as C++ programming and Object Oriented concepts.
  • Dec 2015/2016 – Hour of Code Volunteer
  • Fall 2011-Spring 2012: Volunteer technology instructor at Indigo Ranch Charter School for grades 6-8. He developed his own curriculum and taught two times per week, in a lecture/lab set-up.
Sensei Chuck Emary Working with New Student

Sensei Chuck Emary working with a new student

Sensei Chuck Emary doing kettlebell workout

Sensei Chuck Emary doing a kettlebell workout